The Dos and Don’ts of Digging a Bog Body

‘Bog bodies’ are some of the most familiar finds associated with peatland archaeology. However, they are in fact comparatively rare. In this blog Benjamin Gearey, co-author of An Introduction to Peatland Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments, tells the tale of the discovery of the Tumbeagh Bog Body. This case study is significant both in terms of the evidence it provides and because of the insight it offers into the environmental challenges facing peatland archaeology; it also warns against eating what you’ve excavated!

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We’re Attending AIA/SCS 2023

We’re attending AIA/SCS virtually this year! If you’re attending in-person, we hope New Orleans is treating you well this year. Make sure to swing by our virtual booth over on…

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The Archaeology of Egypt’s Western Desert

Searching for a Needle in a Sand Dune RICHARD J. LONG, author of The Excavations at Mut al-Kharab II, has worked with the Dakhleh Oasis Project since 2004. In this blog, he…

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