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Oxbow Books is dedicated to publishing important research in archaeology and the humanities from around the world as high-quality, attractive books. We publish in two imprints; Oxbow Books, and Windgather Press, publishing a total of approximately 80 titles a year.

Oxbow Books publishes about 65 titles a year in the main Oxbow imprint. These include monographs, edited collections of papers and excavation and site reports. Archaeology is our main subject area encompassing all periods from prehistory through classical archaeology, the ancient Near East, Egyptology, the Middle Ages and post-medieval archaeology. Related fields such as environmental archaeology, landscape archaeology, archaeozoology, maritime and underwater archaeology are covered as well as wider examinations of archaeological practice and theory.

Windgather Press publishes accessible and attractive books on landscape history and archaeology, and the history of Britain’s countryside and further afield, including garden history. The publications are designed not only for those professionally engaged in the subject, but also those with a serious amateur interest in landscape research.

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