Publish with Studying Scientific Archaeology Series

Studying Scientific Archaeology is a new series of titles from Oxbow Books. The series will produce books on a wide variety of scientific topics in archaeology aimed at students at all levels. These will examine the methods, procedures and reasoning behind various scientific approaches to archaeological data and present case studies or extended examples to demonstrate how data is used and interpretations are arrived at. In particular we aim that they should demonstrate how scientific analyses contribute to our wider understanding of past human behavior, technology and economy. The series title reflects an inclusivity in the volumes in the sense of encouraging readers in practical research rather than just presenting collected papers as statements of work completed.

Our aim is that these titles will come to feature as recommended reading for university courses, providing a sound basis for the appreciation and application of scientific archaeology. Titles may be single- or multi-authored.

Studying Scientific Archaeology Editors

Dr Michael J. Allen
Prof. Terry O’Connor

Submitting a proposal for the Studying Scientific Archaeology series

We acknowledge that the application of various branches of archaeological science may differ considerably between the USA and Britain/Europe and so we will consider titles that are primarily geared towards one or other regional audience and it would be helpful to indicate as such in your proposal.

Your proposal will be considered by the Series Editors and passed to the Oxbow Editorial Committee for final approval if it is considered suitable for the series. All completed SSA manuscripts are read by at least one member of the Editorial Board and we may seek an external opinion.

Please include the following information:

  • Title and author(s)
  • A summary (up to one page), including background to the project
  • List of contents and brief chapter summaries (a paragraph for each is sufficient)
  • The introduction (if there is one) and a sample chapter if the work is already underway
  • Proposed timetable for submission of manuscript to publisher. Please be realistic
  • Word count (approximate is fine), not including tables. If extensive endnotes (footnotes are not permitted in this series) are likely please make an allowance in your calculation as these can severely affect the overall number of printed pages and print costs and hence the budget we put in place
  • Approximate number of pages of tables
  • Number of illustrations and type of illustrations (eg colour photos, line-drawings) (approximate is fine). Please note that colour is still comparatively expensive and may require a subvention towards print costs in order to keep down retail price
  • Any competing titles and proposed readership
  • Other relevant information such as grants available, a conference, event or other deadline that the book should be published in time for, and particular groups or organisations which it is particularly relevant for/could be marketed to
  • CV or biographical info on author/editors NB abbreviated CVs are fine, we don’t need complete article lists

Proposals should be sent to Oxbow’s Publishing Director: Julie Gardiner (

Books in the Studying Scientific Archaeology Series