AIA/SCS 2023 Annual Meeting: American Numismatic Society

AIA/SCS 2023 publishing spotlight American Numismatic Society with book covers of Faustina the Younger, Presbeus, and Guide to Biblical Coins

Welcome AIA & SCS attendees! Take 30% off American Numismatic Society books featured at this year’s annual meeting using offer code 930-23 during checkout. Offer expires February 28th, 2023.

Books Featured at AIA

Coins, Artists, and Tyrants

Syracuse in the Time of the Peloponnesian War

Connections, Communities, and Coinage

The System of Coin Production in Southern Asia Minor, AD 218–276

The Early Antigonids

Coinage, Money, and the Economy

Faustina the Younger

Coinage, Portraits, and Public Image

Hidden Power

Late Cistophoric Production and the Organization of Provincia Asia (128–89 BC)

In the Treasure Room of the Sakra King

Votive Coinage from Gandhāran Shrines

Money and Power in Hellenistic Bactria

Euthydemus I to Antimachus I

The Nablus 1968 Hoard

A Study of Monetary Circulation in the Late Fourth an Early Third Centuries BCE Southern Levant


Studies in Ancient Coinage Presented to Richard Ashton

Wealth and Warfare

The Archaeology of Money in Ancient Syria