Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 1

Roman Cities & Architecture

It’s December 1st, so our Oxbow countdown to Christmas has officially begun! Day 1 we’re kicking off with a visit to ancient Rome to explore some of her notable cities.

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Roman Aquileia

The Impenetrable City-Fortress, a Sentry of the Alps

Natale Barca

A study of Aquileia, a Roman city in Italy, which considers its significance from its foundation in the 2nd century BC through to its fall in the 5th century AD.



256 Pages

Rome and the Colonial City

Rethinking the Grid

Sofia Greaves, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

New perspectives on the ideals and aims articulated by ancient city founders and their successors and at the ways post-Roman urbanism looked back to, and reinterpreted, the Roman model.



432 Pages


Archaeology of a Byzantine Megapolis

Ken Dark, Ferudun Özgümüş

Istanbul, Europe's largest city, became an urban center of exceptional size when it was chosen by Constantine the Great as a new Roman capital city.



224 Pages

Temples and Sanctuaries in the Roman East

Religious Architecture in Syria, Iudaea/Palaestina and Provincia Arabia

Arthur Segal

This lavishly illustrated volume presents a comprehensive architectural study of 87 individual temples and sanctuaries built in the Roman East between the end of the 1st century BCE and the end of the 3rd century CE, within a broad region encompassing the modern states of Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.



392 Pages

Butrint 6: Excavations on the Vrina Plain

Volume 1 - The Lost Roman and Byzantine Suburb

Simon Greenslade

Butrint 6 describes the excavations carried out on the Vrina Plain by the Butrint Foundation. Volume 1 traces development from Roman bridgehead suburb to 3rd century domus and important Byzantine residential centre



448 Pages