Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 3

Textiles & Dress

It’s day 3 of our Oxbow Advent and hopefully these textile and dress books at 50% are a bit better than a pair of socks!

Use code ADVENT03 when shopping at Casemate Academic to get 50% off these five books. This code is valid for today only, offer ending midnight.

Tracing Textile Production from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages

Tools, Textiles, Texts and Contexts

Ingvild Øye

Examines textile production in Norway and the north Atlantic region from the Viking period to High Middle Ages, based on evidence from grave goods and farming tools.



264 Pages

Exploring Ancient Textiles

Pushing the Boundaries of Established Methodologies

Alistair Dickey, Margarita Gleba, Sarah Hitchens, Gabriella Longhitano

This volume constitutes a reflection on the status and devlopment of current analytical methodology and its applicability within the wider textile field.



176 Pages

Beautiful Bodies

Gender and Corporeal Aesthetics in the Past

Uroš Matić, Katharina Rebay-Salisbury

Explores the role of material culture in the formation of corporeal aesthetics and beauty ideals in different past societies, contributing fresh ideas on the cultural relativity of bodily aesthetics.



320 Pages

Textiles in Ancient Mediterranean Iconography

Susanna Harris, Cecilie Brøns, Marta Zuchowska

Collection of papers by leading textile researchers addressing issues related to depictions of dress, textile tools, textile production, as well as textiles for other purposes than dress, such as furnishing textiles, in the ancient Mediterranean region.



304 Pages

First Textiles

The Beginnings of Textile Manufacture in Europe and the Mediterranean

Małgorzata Siennicka, Lorenz Rahmstorf, Agata Ulanowska

By collecting and investigating the evidence of textile remains, tools, workplaces, and iconography, this book explores the development of textile production in prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean, along with its social and cultural aspects.



240 Pages