Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 5

Egypt & Ancient Near East

Day 5 takes us along the Nile and into the Fertile Crescent with these five Egypt & Near East books!

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Tell Ahmar on the Syrian Euphrates

From Chalcolithic Village to Assyrian Provincial Capital

Guy Bunnens

An overview of Tell Ahmar – an Assyrian provincial capital on the Syrian Euphrates – its development, rise to power and the architectural and material culture reflections of its status.



216 Pages

Gilded Flesh

Coffins and Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

Rogerio Sousa

Examination of decorative elements applied to over 600 Egyptian coffins of the 21st Dynasty with a discussion on symbolism, chronology and status. Demonstrates how the deteriorating political and economic situation in Egypt was reflected in a major declin



208 Pages

The Excavations at Mut al-Kharab II

The Third Intermediate Period in the Western Desert of Egypt

Richard J. Long

A re-examination of activity in Egypt's Western Desert which presents all of the available evidence with a particular focus on the ceramics.



240 Pages

The Exodus

An Egyptian Story

Peter Feinman

This book takes a real-world approach to understanding the Exodus and consider the reality of what happened and why using the archaeological evidence from Egypt and nearby Canaan.



224 Pages

Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century

Current Research and Future Directions

Ine Jacobs, Hugh Elton

Presents a comprehensive impression of the quality of life across Asia Minor during the last century or so before the end of Antiquity.



256 Pages