Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 10

People & Places

Day 10 has us exploring not only locations, but the people who have made their mark on the world with notable biographies and anthropological studies!

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Thomas White (c. 1736–1811)

Redesigning the northern British landscape

Deborah Turnbull, Louise Wickham

This volume aims to restore the reputation of Thomas White who played a vital role in the story of how northern English designed landscapes evolved in the 18th century.



272 Pages

Marking Place

New perspectives on early Neolithic enclosures

Jonathan Last

Neolithic Studies Group volume discussing the range of current work on causewayed enclosures and exploring the recent fieldwork, academic research and community projects.



240 Pages

Life in the Limes

Studies of the people and objects of the Roman frontiers

Rob Collins, Frances McIntosh

Lindsay Allason-Jones has been at the forefront of small finds and Roman frontier research for 40 years in a career focussed on, but not exclusive to, the north of Britain, encompassing an enormous range of object types and subject areas.



264 Pages

A Life in Balkan Archaeology

John Chapman

A detailed and engaging memoir detailing John Chapman's career as a Balkan archaeologist.



240 Pages

The Tree Experts

A History of Professional Arboriculture in Britain

Mark Johnston

Presents an expert exploration of the history of professional arboriculture in Britain from the Roman period to the present day.



560 Pages