Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 11

Garden & Landscape History

For Day 11 of our Oxbow Advent, why not take a stroll through these historic gardens and explore these familiar landscapes?

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The Historic Bridges of Buckinghamshire

Marshall G. Hall

A lavishly illustrated volume which looks at the historic bridges of Buckinghamshire, their structure, history and chronology.



168 Pages

Fen and Sea

The Landscapes of South-east Lincolnshire AD 500–1700

I.G. Simmons

A detailed synthesis of the landscape history of the coastal area of Lincolnshire between Boston and Skegness, exploring how these areas that are usually described as flat are in fact a mosaic of different landscapes.



240 Pages

The Late Medieval Landscape of North-east Scotland

Renaissance, Reformation and Revolution

Colin Shepherd

Paints a picture of rural life within the landscapes of north-east Scotland between the 13th and 18th centuries, using documentary, cartographic and archaeological evidence.



240 Pages

The Wandering Herd

The Medieval Cattle Economy of South-East England c.450-1450

Andrew Margetts

This is a multi-disciplinary study of the cattle economy of south-east England through the Middle Ages, especially its importance within the evolution of society, settlement, animal husbandry and the agricultural landscape.



312 Pages

English Orchards

A Landscape History

Gerry Barnes, Tom Williamson

A new title on the history, development and importance of orchards in terms of their economic, biodiversity and ecological contribution to the British landscape.



224 Pages