Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 12

Greece & the Hellenistic World

Day 12 of our Oxbow Advent takes us to the Hellenistic world and Ancient Greece!

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Early Greek Alphabetic Writing

A Linguistic Approach

Natalia Elvira Astoreca

This latest volume in the Contexts of and Relations Between Early Writing Systems series explores ancient Greek scripts and their development and evolution as a variety of scripts that usually fall under the umbrella of 'the Greek alphabet'.



160 Pages

Karia and the Dodekanese

Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean I Late Classical to Early Hellenistic

Poul Pedersen, Birte Poulsen, John Lund

The papers in Karia and the Dodekanese Vol. I focus on regional developments and interregional relations in western Asia Minor and the Dodekanese during the Late Classical and Early Hellenistic period.



264 Pages

Karia and the Dodekanese

Cultural Interrelations in the Southeast Aegean II Early Hellenistic to Early Byzantine

Birte Poulsen, Poul Pedersen, John Lund

Karia and the Dodekanese Vol. II presents new research that highlights cultural interrelations and connectivity in the Southeast Aegean and western Asia Minor over a period of more than 700 years.



336 Pages

Affective Relations and Personal Bonds in Hellenistic Antiquity

Studies in honor of Elizabeth D. Carney

Monica D'Agostini, Edward M. Anson, Frances Pownall

The volume offers a discussion of the intra and extra familial network ruling the Mediterranean world at the time of Philip and Alexander.



296 Pages

Archaeology and the Early Church in Southern Greece

Elizabeth Rees

A detailed examination of the growth of Christianity in southern Greece from New Testament times until the medieval period based both historical andarchaeological research.



216 Pages