Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 13

British & Irish Prehistory

We’re getting down to Celtic roots with Day 13 of Oxbow Advent, featuring books all about British & Irish Prehistory.

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The First Stones

Penywyrlod, Gwernvale and the Black Mountains Neolithic Long Cairns of South-East Wales

William Britnell, Alasdair Whittle

Brings together the results of recent research on the Neolithic long cairns lying in the shadow of the Black Mountains in south-east Wales, focusing upon Penywyrlod and Gwernvale.



320 Pages

Defining Spaces in Iron Age Northumberland

Excavations at Morley Hill and Lower Callerton

Josh Gaunt, Claire Christie, Candy Hatherley, Alex Smith

Details two examples of a previously unknown class of larger lowland settlement in Northumberland, enabling an in-depth exploration of the development of pattern, connectivity, community and status.



160 Pages


An Iron Age Broch Settlement in Assynt, North-west Scotland

Graeme Cavers

Results of a major, community-based excavation of an Iron Age broch that collapsed in on itself after a fire, sealing a unique and undisturbed domestic assemblage.



336 Pages

Fragments of the Bronze Age

The Destruction and Deposition of Metalwork in South-West Britain and its Wider Context

Matthew G. Knight

Examines the deliberate destruction of Bronze Age metalwork from a new perspective, focusing on how it was destroyed and deposited as a means to understand the reasons behind the process.



200 Pages

Grave Goods

Objects and Death in Later Prehistoric Britain

Anwen Cooper, Duncan Garrow, Catriona Gibson, Melanie Giles, Neil Wilkin

A large-scale investigation into grave goods (c. 4000 BC–AD 43), enabling a new level of understanding of mortuary practice, material culture, technological innovation and social transformation.



320 Pages