Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 16

Studying Scientific Archaeology Series

Have you heard of Oxbow Books’ ‘Studying Scientific Archaeology’ series? If not, now’s your chance to grab 50% some of the best the series has to offer!

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Molluscs in Archaeology

Methods, Approaches and Applications

Michael J. Allen

The subject of ‘Molluscs in Archaeology’ has not been dealt with collectively for several decades. This new volume in Oxbow’s Studying Scientific Archaeology series addresses many aspects of molluscs in archaeology. It will give the reader an overview of the whole topic; methods of analysis and approaches to interpretation.



448 Pages

Landscape Beneath the Waves

The Archaeological Exploration of Underwater Landscapes

Caroline Wickham-Jones

At the end of the last Ice Age, sea level around the world was lower, coastal lands stretched further and the continents were bigger, in some cases landmasses were joined by dry land that has now disappeared beneath the waves. The study of the now submerged landscapes that our ancestors knew represents one of the last barriers for archaeology.



256 Pages

Scientific Dating in Archaeology

Seren Griffiths

This volume will provide a timely review of the methods, applications and challenges of applying different scientific dating techniques to archaeological sites and material culture.



256 Pages

Human Transformations of the Earth

Charles French

An exploration of the impact of human activity on, and adaptation to changes in, soils in different climatic and vegetational zones around the world.



256 Pages

An Introduction to Peatland Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments

Benjamin R. Gearey, Henry P. Chapman

An accessible introduction to the ecology and formation processes of peatlands, and to the different archaeological and palaeoenvironmental techniques that have been developed and adapted for the study of these environments.



160 Pages