Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 17

Funerary Archaeology

Can you believe there’s only a week left in our Oxbow Advent? But never fear, the end is something just a new beginning. Check out these Funerary Archaeology books for our Day 17 reveal!

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"And So the Tomb Remained"

Exploring Archaeology and Forensic Science within Connecticut's Historical Family Mausolea

Nick Bellantoni

"And So The Tomb Remains" tells the stories of the Connecticut State Archaeologist’s investigations into five 18th/19th century family tombs.



192 Pages

Grave Disturbances

The Archaeology of Post-depositional Interactions with the Dead

Edeltraud Aspöck, Alison Klevnäs, Nils Müller-Scheeßel

This volume examines the post-depositional interactions of past humans and the way that graves and human remains were approached by people in the past.



256 Pages

Death and Changing Rituals

Function and meaning in ancient funerary practices

J. Rasmus Brandt, Håkon Roland, Marina Prusac

The contributions presented here are focused not on the examination of different funerary practices, their function and meaning, but on the changes of such rituals – how and when they occurred and how they may be explained.



480 Pages

The Archaeology of Cremation

Burned Human Remains in Funerary Studies

Tim Thompson

First comprehensive study of the processes, ritual and practices involved in the cremation of human bodies and the methodologies that can be applied to the study of cremated human remains using both new and traditional methods of study.



256 Pages

Towards a Social Bioarchaeology of the Mycenaean Period

A biocultural analysis of human remains from the Voudeni cemetery, Achaea, Greece

Ioanna Moutafi

This book investigates the complex relationship between funerary treatment and wider social dynamics through a contextual analysis of human skeletal remains and associated mortuary data from Voudeni, an important Mycenaean (1400-1050 BC) chamber tomb cemetery in Achaea, Greece.



328 Pages