Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 18

Architecture, Heritage & Art History

Day 18 of our Oxbow Advent dawns upon sprawling rooftops and dazzling art arrays. The theme for today is all about Architecture, Heritage & Art History!

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The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages

Michael Eisenberg, Rabei Khamisy

Explores the latest archaeological and historical evidence for 2000 years of siege warfare.



288 Pages

The Cosmatesque Mosaics of Westminster Abbey

The Pavements and Royal Tombs: History, Archaeology, Architecture and Conservation

Warwick Rodwell, David S. Neal

Presents a holistic study of an outstanding group of monuments - mosaic pavements, tombs and shrines – in their historical architectural and archaeological context



724 Pages

St Paul's Cathedral

Archaeology and History

John Schofield

First comprehensive account of the building history of st Paul's Cathedral as revealed by archaeological excavation and recording, documentary research and engineering works.



208 Pages

The Dean and Canons’ Houses of St George’s Chapel, Windsor

An Architectural History

John Crook

Detailed archaeological and historical description of well-preserved medieval (14th century) and post-medieval timber-framed clerical houses and their fittings within the Lower Court of Windsor Castle.



176 Pages

Canterbury Cathedral, Trinity Chapel

The Archaeology of the Mosaic Pavement and Setting of the Shrine of St Thomas Becket

David S. Neal, Warwick Rodwell

Detailed analysis of the unique mosaic pavement beside the lost shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, fragments of the original shrine and the surrounding royal tombs.



416 Pages