Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 20

Archaeology from the Roman Provinces

We covered Roman books earlier this month already, but what about its outlying provinces? For Day 20 of our Oxbow Advent we’re featuring Archaeology from the Roman Provinces!

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The Archaeology of Roman Macedonia

Urban and Rural Environments

Vassilis Evangelidis

Presents a detailed study of the archaeology of Roman Macedonia and Aegean Thrace, the first eastern region to be incorporated into the Empire, highlighting unique features.



224 Pages

The Archaeology of Roman Portugal in its Western Mediterranean Context

Tesse D. Stek, André Carneiro

New insights into the archaeology and history of the westernmost region of the Roman Empire, a land rich in economic opportunities and established traditions.



256 Pages

Rome and the North-western Mediterranean

Integration and connectivity c. 150–70 BC

Toni Ñaco del Hoyo, Jordi Principal, Mike Dobson

This volume aims to push the historical and archaeological debates about Rome’s expansion beyond traditional geographical boundaries and provide a comprehensive overview of the north-west Mediterranean from the mid-second century BC.



288 Pages

Roman Religion in the Danubian Provinces

Space Sacralisation and Religious Communication During the Principate (1st–3rd Century AD)

Csaba Szabó

An innovative study of the transmission of Roman religious ideas and practices to the northern provinces and the evidence for their cultural and spatial organization.



312 Pages

Continuity and Rupture in Roman Mediterranean Gaul

An Archaeology of Colonial Transformations at Ancient Lattara

Benjamin P. Luley

Examines the impact of Roman rule on the city of Lattara, Gaul 500-200 BCE, the development of new social and economic relationships and identity.



256 Pages