Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 21

Maritime Archaeology

It might be a little too chilly to head to the beach this time of year, but we’ve got you covered with our Maritime History & Archaeology books instead!

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Before the Mast

Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose

Julie Gardiner

The Mary Rose carried a crew of naval officers and sailors, a fighting force of gunners and soldiers, a Barber-surgeon, several ship's carpenters and skilled navigators. Of nearly 500 men, fewer than 40 survived the sinking on 19th July 1545.



760 Pages

The Kyrenia Ship Final Excavation Report

Volume I - History of the Excavation, Amphoras, Pottery and Coins as Evidence for Dating

Susan Womer Katzev, Helena Wylde Swiny

First in a series of four volumes presenting the results of excavation of the Kyrenia ship, the best preserved and dated example of a Greek merchantman wrecked in the early 3rd century BC. The ship’s cargo was recovered more-or-less intact together with personal possessions and utensils of the crew providing an unprecedented insight into the opera



424 Pages

Your Noblest Shippe

Anatomy of a Tudor Warship

Peter Marsden

This volume is concerned primarily with a detailed description of the Mary Rose and how she operated as a functional warship. Commencing with a discussion of the place of the Mary Rose in the development of warships; her recovery and recording are described and the method by which she has been reconstructed on paper.



418 Pages

Maritime Archaeology on Dry Land

Special Sites along the Coasts of Britain and Ireland from the First Farmers to the Atlantic Bronze Age

Richard Bradley

Examines the archaeology of surviving shorelines in Britain and Ireland from the beginning of the Neolithic period until the end of the Early Bronze Age.



184 Pages

The Wrecks of HM Frigates Assurance (1753) and Pomone (1811)

Including the fascinating naval career of Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Barrie, KCB, KCH (1774–1841)

John Bingeman, Paul Simpson, David Tomalin

Tells the intriguing story of the rediscovery and investigation of two naval wrecks and explores the career of Captain Barrie through US and Anglo-French naval conflicts.



160 Pages