Oxbow Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 24

Island Archaeology

The final day of our Oxbow Advent brings us to the islands; while some are tropical and others exotic, each holds a valuable piece of human history!

Did you miss a day of our Oxbow Advent? Well, if you’ve been here from other years, you know we have a special gift to unwrap for you tomorrow. If you’re new… Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our final gift reveal!

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The Fight for Greek Sicily

Society, Politics, and Landscape

Melanie Jonasch

The island of Sicily was a highly contested area throughout much of its history. Among the first to exert strong influence on its political, cultural, infrastructural, and demographic developments were the two major decentralized civilizations of the first millennium BCE: the Phoenicians and the Greeks.



400 Pages

Kale Akte, the Fair Promontory

Settlement, Trade and Production on the Nebrodi Coast of Sicily 500 BC­–AD 500

Adam Lindhagen

Investigates the archaeology and economic development of an ancient Sicilian town and its surrounding micro-region over 1000 years of Hellenistic and Roman rule.



272 Pages

Trinacria, 'An Island Outside Time'

International Archaeology in Sicily

Christopher Prescott, Arja Karivieri, Peter Campbell, Kristian Göransson, Sebastiano Tusa

Collaborative papers combine various schools of thought to produce a uniquely productive methodological, theoretical and interpretative analysis of Sicily in the Bronze Age to Roman period.



240 Pages

An Archaeological History of Montserrat in the West Indies

John F. Cherry, Krysta Ryzewski

Traces the 5000 year history and heritage of the Caribbean island of Montserratthrough all the available archaeological evidence and newly available archival documents.



208 Pages

Insularity and Identity in the Roman Mediterranean

Anna Kouremenos, Nicholas Purcell

Papers examine cultural developments and trade relationships of island life in the Mediterranean during the Roman period.



216 Pages