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Books on this page are on a $5 offer from the Czech Institute of Egyptology! There is a limited quantity of these books available through Casemate Academic, so if you see a volume of Abusir you still need, be sure to act fast to secure it for your shelf.

Due to an almost a century-long tradition, continuity, high standard of teaching and specialized research, the Czech Institute of Egyptology is one of the most important Egyptological institutes in the world. The activities of the Institute cover practically all aspects of ancient Egypt including archaeology, history, philology, religious studies and art history. Its defining activities center above all on the study of the 3rd and 1st millennia BC, based on archaeological excavations at Abusir and in Sudan.

Icons of Power


Abusir XXIII


Abusir XIII


Abusir XI


Abusir XXV