Featured Monthly Collection

Casemate Academic is proud to distribute and offer books that highlight Caribbean history and heritage. Our collection this month features books from publishers Oxbow Books and Sidestone Press.

Lucayan Legacies

Indigenous lifeways in The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands

Dr Joanna Ostapkowicz


400 Pages

Sidestone Press

Caribbean Figure Pendants: Style and Subject Matter

Anthropomorphic figure pendants of the late Ceramic Age in the Greater Antilles

Prof. Dr. Vernon James Knight


240 Pages

Sidestone Press

Caribbean Figure Pendants: Style and Subject Matter

Anthropomorphic figure pendants of the late Ceramic Age in the Greater Antilles

Prof. Dr. Vernon James Knight


240 Pages

Sidestone Press

Heritage Education

Memories of the Past in the Present Caribbean Social Studies Curriculum: A View from Teacher Practice

Dr Eldris Con Aguilar


190 Pages

Sidestone Press

An Archaeological History of Montserrat in the West Indies

John F. Cherry, Krysta Ryzewski


208 Pages

Oxbow Books

Islands of Salt

Historical Archaeology of Seafarers and Things in the Venezuelan Caribbean, 1624–1880

Dr. Konrad A. Antczak


364 Pages

Sidestone Press

Pre-Colonial and Post-Contact Archaeology in Barbados

Past, Present, and Future Research Directions

Dr. Maaike S. De Waal, Dr. Niall Finneran, Dr. Matthew C. Reilly


360 Pages

Sidestone Press

Indigenous Ancestors and Healing Landscapes

Cultural Memory and Intercultural Communication in the Dominican Republic and Cuba

Dr. Jana Pešoutová


390 Pages

Sidestone Press

La Biographie d’un paysage

Etude sur les transformations de longue durée du paysage culturel de la région de Fort-Liberté, Haïti

Dr Joseph Sony Jean


260 Pages

Sidestone Press

Early Settlers of the Insular Caribbean

Dearchaizing the Archaic

Corinne L. Hofman, Dr. Andrzej T. Antczak


320 Pages

Sidestone Press

From Golden Rock to Historic Gem

A Historical Archaeological Analysis of the Maritime Cultural Landscape of St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

Dr. Ruud Stelten


230 Pages

Sidestone Press

Landscape, Land-Change & Well-Being in the Lesser Antilles

Case Studies from the coastal villages of St. Kitts and the Kalinago Territory, Dominica

Dr. Charlotte Eloise Stancioff


300 Pages

Sidestone Press

The Social Museum in the Caribbean

Grassroots Heritage Initiatives and Community Engagement

Dr. Csilla E. Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke


270 Pages

Sidestone Press

Seascape Corridors

Modeling Routes to Connect Communities Across the Caribbean Sea

Dr. Emma Ruth Slayton


340 Pages

Sidestone Press

Saba's first inhabitants

A story of 3300 years of Amerindian occupation prior to European contact (1800 BC - AD 1492)

Corinne Hofman, Menno Hoogland


112 Pages

Sidestone Press

Managing our past into the future

Archaeological heritage management in the Dutch Caribbean

Corinne L. Hofman, Jay B. Haviser


356 Pages

Sidestone Press

The Connected Caribbean

A socio-material network approach to patterns of homogeneity and diversity in the pre-colonial period

Angus A. A. Mol


328 Pages

Sidestone Press

Communities in Contact

Essays in archaeology, ethnohistory and ethnography of the Amerindian circum-Caribbean

Corinne L. Hofman, Anne van Duijvenbode


512 Pages

Sidestone Press

Teeth Tell Tales

Dental wear as evidence for cultural practices at Anse a la Gourde and Tutu (Caribbean)

Hayley L. Mickleburgh


98 Pages

Sidestone Press

Costly Giving, Giving Guaízas

Towards an organic model of the exchange of social valuables in the Late Ceramic Age Caribbean

Angus A. A. Mol


206 Pages

Sidestone Press